Nox Audio’s  FD6 and FD8  fire dome speaker offer ultra-high sensitivity of sound pressure level for emergency broadcasting signal like fire alarm , evacuation alarm or timing alarm .the fire domes are built using 6” and 8” dual cone drivers .both the speakers ‘s front panel and back can is built from high quality metal for one rigid installation and fire resistance and the front is equipped with perforated  metal grill spring action installation and knob button are provided .easy installation is achievable through the pre - install of the back can by the knob button inside and the spring structure on the front panel.

A variety of speaker power levels (tapping) are easily selected via the different wiring from the power transformer at the back of the driver settings for 100V high - impedance systems in different power requirement.

Specification  FD6  DC8
Frequency response  100Hz- 18kHz 100Hz- 18kHz
Impedance  100V 100V
Sensitivity(1w@1m) 95dB 95dB
Power tapping (in watts) 100v :6/3/1.5/0.75 100v :6/3/1.5/0.75
Input  terminals  Screw binding  Screw binding 
Woofer type  6” Dual Cone 8” Dual Cone
Front panel / back can  iron  iron 
Coverage angle 110° 110°
Mounting  cutout  210 mm 230 mm dia
Min .vertical clearance 135 mm 138 mm
Dimensions (dia x depth) 235 mm dia * 125 mm 270 mm dia * 128 mm
Net weight  1.25 kgs 1.4 kgs
Baffle ring /grill color  White (back can in red) White (back can in red)